KJR FOUNDATION- A CSR initiative of KJR Group is committed to a sustainable economic development through ADVOCACY, TRAINING & ACTIVE PARTICIPATION.

  1. The foundation intends to make a significant contribution to address issues such as Employability, Health, Disability, Women empowerment, Environment, Education and Social Development etc., At first the focus of the foundation has put in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh but now the Group is extending its commitment with new year 2017 towards the Development of entire Rayalaseema region.The foundation was Successfully completed the 10yrs and in its journey it has achieved many milestones since its inception.
  2. As the KJR group is bracing for expansion and diversification, Mr.k.J.Reddy intends to contribute his humble might to the society through the Corporate Social Responsibility. To this extent, he has set up a Foundation to exclusively address the problems of the Polio affected and the underprivileged of the society.
  3. The basic idea is to work towards asset generation that is useful in creating long-term surplus, than to dole out funds for populist schemes that encourage perpetual parasitism. A corpus fund has earmarked for that purpose, and a conscious and conscientious policy has chalked out to realize this precious dream.
  4. We as a team would like to see Rayalaseema as the most well-formed and emerging region. Our aim is to bring social empowerment, Women empowerment and generating employment to the entire Rayalaseema.
  1. To take up scalable and sustainable projects in the field of Education, Environment, Health, Women Empowerment, Social Development and touch as many beneficiaries as possible.
  2. To bring Social and Women empowerment in the Rayalaseema region mainly in Kurnool, Kadapa, Anantapur districts by the 2019.
  3. To bring the Social and economic development in Rayalaseema region by 2022.
  4. To educate and empower the unemployed youth in Rayalaseema with our Skill Development centers.
  5. In association with KJR Group the Founder Mr.K.J.Reddy has Started 2 Big Chains Raaga Mayuri Food Park and Raaga Mayuri Electronic Park which facilitates jobs for nearly 50,000 employees.
  6. We aim to work for the Social and Economical Development by bringing the Sustainable development in Rayalaseema.